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  • scottshummus:

    Here have a geeky art dump

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  • Anonymous asked : Sorry but what is AvX?

    Avengers vs. X-Men

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  • Anonymous asked : I have read Dark Phoenix Saga followed by Days of Future Past. What do you recommend I read next? Thank you!

    Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force! and then maybe AvX. That was important.

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  • paperbutterflyhero asked : Wow. You put that so well! Your dedication to the series is amazing! I really wish I knew all the comics like you did. But where I live there's like 3 comic stores and none are close to my house and they're all super expensive! I love ur blog btw. Ok yeah I'm done now.

    Ahhh I wish I could say that but I’m so far from being that “dedicated” or “knowing all the comics”. I know tons of people who are way more obsessively knowledgeable about them. I have to admit I’ve really been slacking in terms of keeping up with x-men ahaha. I don’t even get all my comics legally (oops). But thank you! I’m glad you like my blog :) 

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  • paperbutterflyhero asked : Does it ever bother you when only some X-Men get all the spotlight? *cough* Wolverine/Cyclops *cough* If so, who do u wish got more spotlight? Btw I love them all I'm just curious.


    the freaking.


    But then again, I think it’s really unavoidable. With such a huge slew of characters involved, it’s impossible to satisfy everyone and some are bound to be more recurrent than others based on a certain combination of factors. And it doesn’t help that all these characters thrive in different storylines, so it’s just dependent on which sells better or which is written better… Like I can complain all I want about Cable and Fantomex not getting enough “spotlight” but would it really make sense to put them in the best selling titles like ANXM or UXM…? If i wanted more of them, I’d just go pick up the Fantomex series or read Cable & X-Force. They all have their “spotlight” moments. You just have to go find them I guess.

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  • All New X-Men #29

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  • romanadv0ratrelundar asked : Hey, do you have a gif of that time in x-men: evolution when kurt was driving the x-jet with his feet?

    No I don’t :/ Sorry!

  • lorna-danish asked : What Evolution episode is that of Kitty phasing through multiple walls and running into the next one?

    Season 2, fun and games. i think.

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  • teevolt asked : Hi there, we would like to ask your help. Can you reblog our last post? It's an amazing X-Men artwork Thanks a lot

    SHOUTOUT for teevolt.

    go check out their designs, guys :)

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